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Grab your wallabuddies, it's time to KANGARUMBLE

A wacky local multiplayer party game where there's just one way to win: get the most stomps! The catch? You can only move during your turn. For every stomp you score, your turn gets shorter! Action heats up as tension builds all the way to the final stomp, where only one kangaroo will be victorious!

Rumble it out across 3 different levels, each featuring chaotic contraptions and thwomping themes to keep the party going all night!

Players can join in using both keyboard controls and gamepad controllers.

Made with love by the Kang Gang

Sebastian Marlow - Producer

Terry DuBois - Lead Designer & Programmer

Sherry Tran - Lead Artist

Erwang Li - Lead Programmer

Jack Tang - Programmer & Level Designer

Merita Lundstrom - Art Director/Producer

Drazie Long - Lead Animator

Annie Zhang - Character + Environment Artist

Vika Rafaelian - Environment + Background Artist

Rachel Trieu - Level Designer

Greg Kauffman - Musician & Sound Designer

Isaac England-Asplund - Musician & Sound Designer

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This game is still undergoing development, so your feedback is always appreciated! Thank you!


KANGARUMBLE Mac Build 6.9.20.zip 85 MB
KANGARUMBLE Windows Build 6.9.20.zip 85 MB


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1v1 me Amanda, you won't 

1v1 me Terry, you won't


Great game!! I had much fun playing it with my friend! 


Very nice game!